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PROVAIL offers a comprehensive range of services designed to expand opportunities for people with disabilities to live, work, and fully participate in the communities of their choice. We are changing hundreds of lives every year with services like the following:

Therapeutic and Assistive Technology Services
Outpatient clinical services including occupational and speech therapy, as well as assistive technology evaluations, consultations, and equipment implementation that help children and adults maximize their independence and abilities.

Employment Services
One-on-one supported employment services including vocational profiles, job development, job coaching, and long-term ongoing job support. The program helps adults and young adults with developmental disabilities secure and maintain competitive employment.

Community Living Program
Community-based residences in the Greater Seattle area that provide 24-hour supported living for adults with severe disabilities. Each setting is a single-family home shared by three to four people and for many of them, this is the first experience they have had living outside of an institutional, congregate care facility.

Dental Clinic
PROVAIL's Dental Clinic is an outpatient facility that provides specialized, comprehensive dental care that meets the need of people with even the most severe disabilities.

Fabrication Division
A light machine and manufacturing facility that employs people with varying ranges of disabilities to produce a wide variety of quality parts and sub-assemblies for the U. S. Government and the aerospace industry. The net income is used to support PROVAIL's direct service programs.

Seattle Brain Works
Seattle BrainWorks is a community-based Clubhouse program providing short and long-term support to people who have experienced traumatic brain injury. Our mission is to empower survivors of brain injury to relearn skills and create strategies that will help them reintegrate as happy and successful members of the community.

Art is NOT an Option!
Art is NOT an Option! is an innovative art program designed to provide artists with disabilities studio workshops and the opportunity to showcase artwork in the community. Our mission is to promote creativity, independence, dignity, and community integration for all participating artists.

Financial Empowerment Services - an AmeriCorps Program

The Financial Empowerment program provides no-cost Financial Workshops designed to reach people with disabilities, as well as low income employees working in the disability community. The project utilizes AmeriCorps members, who are essentially national volunteers.

AmeriCorps members are trained to provide three elements of support: Disability Benefits Counseling; Income Tax Assistance; and Assistance with Personal Finances. Each Workshop is designed to suit the individual audience. Members are also available for one-on-one counseling with clients and/or their families.

The program is supported by SourceAmerica, the Cerebral Palsy Research Foundation and AmeriCorps. 


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